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We’re not just for events!

So you’ve got access to a photo booth, and you wonder how you can use something like this, without it just being a straight hard cost… how about by promoting YOUR business?

While photo booths work great at events as a keepsake for the guests, or the hosts, think of the prime space on either a print-out, or a social media shared photo, for your logo, url, hashtag, coupon code, or whatever messaging you can think up to promote your business. Think of this as an advertising expense, as long as you ensure it’s working for you. What is your current business goal, and how can a photo booth help to achieve it?

What if you wanted to fill your Instagram page with a great image gallery of happy customers? Just thinking of organizing photo releases, booking a photographer, finding a way to distribute your new photo gallery to the masses, etc. can make you feel dizzy. With the booth set up at your business, it can take all of the guesswork out of doing this. Just discuss your needs with Snapz Studio, and we’ll set it up to suit you, either to post all the images to your own Business social media page, OR, allow your customers to share the images to their own pages, broadening your advertising reach to their networks too.

Chat with us, we’re happy to help you come up with some great ideas to promote your business. Those photos can be static photos, with a static background, or overlay, or BOTH! Or it can be animated gifs, with a custom background, or a custom animated background! Just think of your customer on a beautiful beach background in the middle of a wintery Winnipeg… sky’s the limit!

Contact us to set up a photo campaign!

promoting your business with a photo booth
Blatant Example of how your photos can appear, with many… many… MANY… overlays.